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Phils Coffee: We are a small batch roaster focusing on quality on every roast down to every single bean. Single origin coffee is our specialty. We feel that flavored coffee is more for the novice coffee drinker. Most flavored coffee is made with low grade beans then flavored to taste. If you want a great flavored coffee start with a single origin quality bean and roast then flavor your cup with a syrup or creamer.

Phils Coffee was established in 2007. Phil started in the coffee business in 1998 when he opened The MustardSeed Cafe in West Jefferson Ohio. He sold that business in 2004. Always intrigued by the roasting process he began roasting at home for personal use and would take it to his job and brew up coffee for his coworkers. They would ask him to roast them coffee but he only roasted 1/4 pound at a time. After a year or so of being asked to roast coffee by friends he decided to buy a commercial roaster and that was the start of Phils Coffee.

Located in the Arts District in Franklinton of Columbus Ohio Phils Coffee is still roasting small batch coffee for friends and neighbors. We are a friends and family network of coffee lovers. FREE delivery in the Franklinton area.

We are only taking orders through this website at this time. Phils is working on a location in Franklinton to open his coffee cafe. Stay tuned!
In the mean time why not order a pound of Phils Coffee and enjoy a cup from an origin? Its like taking a trip to that country.

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